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Becks Plastilin Figures made of modeling clay and accessories in different colors Becks Plastilin Figures made of wooden sticks and nail game Becks Plastilin House made width modeling clay and clay press Disabled people working in Becks Plastilin/Freundeskreis workshop
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Becks Plastilin was founded in 1968 by Hermann Beck. The company quickly made their mark with high-quality modeling clay and innovative modeling clay games and grew steadily. In doing so, the Beck family has always maintained a strong social commitment. In 1991 the Becks assigned their business to the Freundeskreis Mensch e.V., an association responsible for institutions dedicated to the handicapped. In 2004 the owners withdrew from their professional life, but the company's socially oriented work, as it had been intended and carried out by the founders, has continued under the guidance of the Freundeskreis Mensch e.V. ever since.