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Do you have questions? Here we answer frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered here, please let us know and send us an email. We shall be glad to answer.

Question: What is modeling clay actually made of?

Answer: modeling clay is made of micro-waxes which are used for food and cosmetic products, pure paraffin oil on the requirements of the German Pharmacopoeia, as well as purely mineral fillers. The exact composition is of course a closely guarded secret.

Question: Is there also an online shop for the products of Becks Plastilin?

Answer: Yes. You can find our online store at

Question: Is it possible to simply take standard clay for industrial use?

Answer: Better not. The ingredients of standard clay and industrial clay are almost the same, yet their composition and thus their characteristics are different since the ‘permanently plastic material’ used by the industry has to meet other demands than toys. It needs to be said though, that it is impossible to make general statements since the scope of application of standard clay and industrial clay varies significantly. Companies often carry out tests with our clay and then compare standard clay, creative clay and industrial clay with their different hardness grades. We shall be glad to help you in case you need further information. Please contact us.

Question: I would like to become a distributor. What requirements must I meet?

Answer: Please contact us.